Abstract Nomadic Media (aka AbNomad), is a multimedia creative studio dedicated to creating innovative and challenging content that stirs our emotions and empowers the masses. Our mission is to highlight the powerful journeys of unfamiliar individuals and communities worldwide as mode of collective inspiration.


To The Mountains

Currently in post-production

Following the current global theme of social uprisings, TO THE MOUNTAINS will provide insight about the recently ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales and the rise of the Indigenous and African Descendant political movements within the South American country. Told with a modern twist via podcast interviews between Afro-Bolivian educator, Alex Gutiérrez, and U.S. born Afro-Latina filmmaker, Sisa Bueno, who was working in Bolivia during Morales’ rise, this short film project will emphasize the importance of grassroots organizing and social movements in recent Bolivian history by presenting a nuanced 13-year chronicle of the critical moments of the Morales presidency – his achievements, as well as his miscalculations.

For Venida, For Kalief

Currently in development/production

When she was alive, Venida Browder was the definition of an “Impacted Person.” Her life was completely turned upside down when her son Kalief was arrested that fateful night in May 2012 for a stealing a backpack, for which he always maintained his innocence. Once Kalief was released from the infamous Rikers Island jail, he tried to assimilate back into society, but the trauma was overwhelming and he committed suicide in June 2015. Venida found him minutes afterward, hanging in the back of their home. Venida began to write to help her cope with this immensely traumatic situation. Unfortunately, she died suddenly of a heart attack in October 2016, broken hearted. Venida’s writings will serve as the spine of this film while exploring the concept of legacy, and the impact that the Kalief Browder case has had on New York City and New York State.


About Sisa Bueno

Originally from New York City, Sisa Bueno is an Afro-Latina film & multimedia maker who is fascinated by people of all cultures and seeks to awaken our own empowerment. She studied both film production and interactive technologies at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University (NYU). The NBC Network named Sisa a 2013 Latino Innovator for her upcoming Bolivian documentary “To the Mountains.” Sisa is a 2016 recipient of the ITVS-PBS Diversity Development grant, HotDocs CrossCurrents grant, and BAVC MediaMaker fellow  for her current work in progress, “For Venida, For Kalief.” Sisa is also currently a 2018-2020 Member of the NEW INC tech incubator program within the New Museum working with Augmented Reality (AR) to create new modes of artistic expression.