What is AbNomad?

Abstract Nomadic Media (aka AbNomad), is a multimedia creative studio dedicated to creating innovative and challenging content to inspire new perspectives and extraordinary viewing experiences. AbNomad is currently working on projects in collaboration with ITVS/PBS and The New Museum in New York.

What is AbNomad Working On?


“To The Mountains” [POST PRODUCTION]
A feature-length documentary about the impact of political shifts in Latin America from early 2000s to today, and the often overlooked but important role that the underrepresented groups in the region play. In the 2000s, Bolivia almost descended into civil war as their constitution was be rewritten to reflect its Indigenous majority. Where did the underrepresented Black communities in Bolivia fit in?

“Untitled Criminal Justice Film” [EARLY PRODUCTION]
A feature-length experimental documentary about the grassroots solutions for mass incarceration that will also have an AR-enabled app to be used with the film.
(clips and samples coming soon!)


“Untitled AR Project” [EARLY DEVELOPMENT]
A multimedia artwork enhancement app being developed with the support of the NEW INC museum technology incubator program.


Who is AbNomad?

Sisa Bueno, Founder & Multimedia Maker (Film, VR, AR)

Originally from New York City, Sisa Bueno is a Film/Multimedia Maker and Educator who is fascinated by people of all cultures, and storytelling about underrepresented issues. She studied both Film/TV Production and Interactive Technologies at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University (NYU).

Prashast Thapan, VR/AR Developer

Prashast Thapan is a experimental game developer and new media artist living in New York. Originally from New Delhi, India-his work focuses on escapism and decision-making. He is part of the team at the independent arcade and gallery Babycastles NYC as an organizer, virtual reality technician, and occasional curator.

Denny George, Technologist/Mobile Developer

Creative problem solver fuses a background in computer science and user centered design to to create works that are a blend of problem solving and storytelling.Denny has experience leading teams of Designers and Developers in launching digital products especially mobile and web apps. He has worked with several technologies such as IBM Watson, Tensor flow to build products for civic engagement.

Maria Fang, User Experience (UX) Designer

Maria Fang is a New York based user experience designer with a blend of skills in product design, strategy, and research. With a background in TV production, she is passionate in discovering audience/user needs and dedicated to exploring innovative storytelling techniques. She has designed digital products for a wide range of industries and platforms.